Focus on the Open Data Engagement Fund: Smart Location Analysis

18 April 2024


Smart Location Analysis: Harnessing Open Data for Smarter Location Decisions


In this series, we are taking a closer look at some of our recent Engagement Fund winners. This month Dave Graham tells us about his project that harnesses the power of open data to benefit small businesses.


Location is a make-or-break factor for many businesses, determining their success or failure, it’s also the cornerstone for individuals looking for a home that matches their lifestyle and needs.


Smart Location Analysis ( ) emerges as a pivotal service in this context, offering in-depth location analyses utilizing the power of open data, accessible to businesses and individuals alike.

Each year, Ireland sees the closure of 15,000 to 19,000 businesses, with poorly chosen location contributing to many of these. Individuals, too, often encounter challenges when their new neighbourhoods fail to meet expectations. While large corporations benefit from bespoke analytical tools and dedicated teams for scrutinizing potential locations, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)—which represent over 99% of Irish businesses—have previously navigated these decisions with limited resources.


Smart Location Analysis leverages open data sets to provide a  user-friendly perspective on any location within Ireland. Users can easily select a location for analysis or opt to compare two locations. Teh process involves defining an area of interest around the selected location(s) and specifying an objective for the analysis This  can range from business interests like expansion, securing funding, market validation, or personal reasons like finding a neighbourhood with young families or understanding local property prices.


The platform allows for the selection of over 70 data points across various categories, including

  • people and lifestyle
  • property
  • local amenities
  • and brands.

Within hours, a tailored report equipped with a high-level analysis based on the selected criteria is generated, with prices starting at just €4.99. This service democratizes access to vital location insights, aiding businesses in

  • exploring new markets
  • assessing competitors,
  • understanding regional coverage
  • and assisting individuals in making informed decisions about their living situations.


In an era where informed decision-making is paramount, Smart Location Analysis stands as a transformative tool for those looking to make location-based decisions in Ireland.


To discover more about how Smart Location Analysis can facilitate better location decisions through open data, an explanatory video is available at .


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