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Tá leagan Gaeilge den mhír seo ar fáil anseo.

3-Star Data on

The Foundation Document for the development of the Public Service Open Data Strategy aims to create an environment where, by opening up Government data, new opportunities for research, innovation, transparency, engagement and greater efficiency are delivered and realised by public bodies, businesses, researchers and citizens. Therefore it is critical that high-quality datasets are published on in an open, reusable way.

The Open Data Technical Framework provides guidance on the practical aspects of publishing Open Data, ensuring that publication of datasets on is done in a consistent, persistent and truly open way. This includes specifying that:

  • Data and metadata published on must be associated with the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) Licence, at a minimum.
  • Data published on must be machine-readable and in an open format (3-star Open Data), e.g. CSV, JSON or XML.
  • Data published on must be compliant with DCAT-AP, the international Open Data metadata standard.
  • Data published on should use national and international data-standards where possible,
  • Data published on should use Unique Resource Identifiers where possible.

The API is built using CKAN 2.9, which provides a powerful API that allows developers to retrieve datasets, groups or other CKAN objects and search for datasets. There is full documentation available for the CKAN API online.

Example API Calls

Get JSON-formatted lists of a site’s datasets or other CKAN objects:

Get a full JSON representation of a dataset, resource or other object:

Search for packages or resources matching a query:

Dataset Suggestions is intended to provide easy access to datasets that are free to use, reuse, and redistribute. If you would like to suggest a new dataset to publish, or if you have any comments on how to improve developer access to existing datasets, please visit the Suggest a Dataset page.

Source code of is now available!

The source code for the main CKAN extension can be located here.

This is an extension to CKAN and Drupal that provides customisations specifically for the project, based on work by the project.

Related CKAN extensions that use in addition are:

  • ckanext-archiver
  • ckanext-harvest
  • ckanext-spatial
  • ckanext-os
  • ckanext-qa

Access source code on Github