Open Data Engagement Fund

The Open Data Engagement Fund, has been developed in conjunction with the Open Data Governance Board (ODGB) which was established in 2015 to provide leadership in implementing Ireland's Open Data Initiative.  This is a competitive fund designed to provide support towards promoting the use of open data on the national Open Data portal data,

A pilot Engagement Fund was launched in 2016 and following an evaluation of the success of the pilot, it was decided to continue to run the fund and the intention is that the fund will be available for 5 years in line with the Open Data Strategy 2017 – 2022.

2019/2020 is the fourth year that the fund has been made available.  The total amount of funding available is €30,000 and the maximum available for any one project is €5,000.   Applications can be made by any organisation or individual. This includes inter alia a public body, business, research body, educational body, civil society group. The closing date for 2019 entries has now passed. Applications for the 2020 Engagement Fund will open later in the year.

Applications can be made for funding to support a variety of Open Data related activities.  These include; the organisation of outreach and engagement activities, for example, seminars, competitions and hackathons; the building of applications and development of visualisations to demonstrate the use that can be made of open data; or specific research on open government datasets with a view to arriving at outcomes that help create efficiencies in the public service or assist in government decision making.  Funding will also be considered for the development of use cases, projects or studies to show the impact or potential impact of the use of open data.

Successful applicants will report on their activity for example via a blog post and, where applicable, will be required to have their project developed into a use case for promotion of the open data initiative or other promotional activity as determined by the Open Data Governance Board.    Details of the fund are available here.  The application form can be downloaded here or an application can be made on-line.

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