Open Data Training is restarting in September

August 2, 2022

There are six new training courses on open data and general data management now available to public sector employees.  These are;

  • General Introduction to Open Data
  • Introduction to the Open Data Directive
  • Open Data Audits & Data Publication
  • Introduction to Data Analytics & Visualisation
  • Data Anonymisation Techniques
  • Introduction to Linked Data


Urban Tide, together with the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) have redeveloped these courses specifically for Irish public sector staff.


The courses are being held online however, we hope there will be in-person training once again in the coming months.  You can access and submit an NASF for your organisation here and book specific courses via Eventbrite.

Depending on demand levels, there will be further courses next year, see the details on the courses below. 

If you would prefer bespoke training within your organisation, then please get in touch with Urban Tide to discuss your requirements further.


  • General Introduction to Open Data - Develop knowledge and understanding of what open data is and what it means for citizens and the public sector. 

Online, 1 day, €75

Thursday 1st September 2022

Wednesday 21st September 2022

Tuesday 4th October 2022


  • Introduction to the Open Data Directive - Learn what Public Sector Bodies need to do following the new EU Open Data Directive, and how to do it.

Online, 1 day, €96

Tuesday 6th September 2022

Wednesday 5th October 2022


  • Open Data Audits & Data Publication - Develop more practical knowledge about publishing open data in line with the Open Data Publication Guidelines.

Online, 2 days, €96

Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th September 2022

Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th October 2022


  • Introduction to Data Analytics & Visualisation - Learn how to work with analytics to create insight and visualisations that engage.

Online, 2 days, €160

Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th September 2022


  • Data Anonymisation Techniques - anonymisation enables data to be published without breaching data protection principles through de-personalisation and aggregation. 

Online, 1 day, €160

Tuesday 20th September 2022

Wednesday 12th October 2022


  • Introduction to Linked Data - Recommended best practice for exposing, sharing and connecting pieces of data.

Online, 0.5 day, €160

Thursday 22nd September 2022 (morning)

Thursday 13th October 2022 (afternoon)