Open Data Series Event on Health and well-Being

21 April 2022

The next Open Data Event Series is on the topic of ‘Harnessing the power of Shared and Open Data to deliver better Health and Wellbeing outcomes’ and will take place on May 5th at 2 pm.

We have a packed agenda of experienced and varied speakers on the topics of Health, Physical Activity and of course, Open Data.  This will be an online webinar, for which you can register at;


The Open Data Event Series has been run for several years to promote awareness, adoption and use of Open Data across different sectors, and supports the publication of high-quality Open Data.  This webinar will focus on the theme of “Sport and Recreation: Harnessing the power of Shared and Open Data to deliver better Health and Wellbeing outcomes”.  This dovetails with the Hale & Hearty Action managed by the Open Data Unit in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.  It is funded by the EU and uses open data to create a health and well-being themed knowledge base, map-based dashboard and app.  The objective of Hale & Hearty is to support decision-making, planning and the provision of services through the harmonisation of cross-domain information.  For individuals, the impact of accessible data is not always felt in their daily lives, so this Action facilitates access to both acute and primary care services, and also amenities that actively promote health and fitness, both physical and mental.


The programme of national and international speakers is as follows;

Part 1 – Health & Wellbeing

Fiona Mansergh, Assistant Principal at Department of Health (Healthy Ireland)

Nicola Graham, Smart City Operations Manager at Dublin City Council (Smart D8)

Katharine Cooney, Data Analyst, and Mario Romera, Software Developer at Derilinx (Hale & Hearty)

Catherine Carty, UNESCO Chair Manager at Munster Technological University (Fit for Life Initiative)

Panel Discussion


Part 2 – Sport & Recreation

Allison Savich, Strategic Lead for Innovation & Digital at Sport England, and Charlie Clarke, Director at Playwaze (OpenActive)

Darragh O’Sullivan, Project Manager at Sport Ireland (National Database of Sport & Recreation Amenities)

Peter Tierney, Senior Research Scientist at lululemon Product Innovation | Advanced Concepts and former Sports Scientist & Athletic Performance Coach at Leinster Rugby and The Football Association (Using open data to support training direction & decisions)

Panel discussion