Open Data Maturity

22 March 2022


Data maturity is an indicator that demonstrates the level at which an organisation effectively utilises their data.  A high level of data maturity means that data is firmly embedded throughout the organisation and fully integrated into all decision-making and activities.  Open Data Maturity is the degree to which mostly government data can be effectively audited, managed, accessed and re-used by everyone.

The EU Open Data Maturity assessment 2021 benchmarks the development of European countries in the field of open data.  This is the seventh consecutive annual report by the EU and Ireland is ranked as second after France this year.  A huge achievement, considering the resources at our disposal!


The Overall data maturity scores of the 2021 assessment


The EU report aims to support countries to better understand their level of maturity, to capture their progress over time, to find areas for improvement, and benchmark this against other countries. Additionally, the study provides an overview of best practices implemented across Europe that could be transferred to other national and local contexts.

The assessment measures maturity against four open data dimensions:

▪ Policy: national open data policies and strategies

▪ Impact: monitoring and measuring open data re-use

▪ Portal: portal functionality to support data access and interaction within the open data community

▪ Quality: ensuring the quality of data and metadata

In addition, three trends found during the assessment are highlighted: the transposing of the Open Data Directive into national law, the more prominent focus on measuring open data impact, and the continued value creation of the COVID-19 pandemic.