High-value Datasets Best Practices Report

1 July 2024


"In an era of digital transformation, the European Union is at the forefront of unlocking the potential of public sector data, with high-value datasets (HVDs) being particularly impactful due to their substantial social and economic benefits. As these datasets are essential for enhancing digital services, the HVD Implementing Regulation was introduced to standardise the publication and reuse of HVDs across Member States. Despite the enforcement on 9 June 2024, the Open Data Maturity Report 2023 has revealed significant disparities in HVD legislation implementation across Member States." - data.europa.eu

In order to combat against these disparities and address such challenges, data.europa.eu has published a research report called "High-value Datasets Best Practices Report".


The report can be accessed here.


The study, using interviews with 7 Member States as its basis, delves into the challenges faced by Member States (MS) and successful strategies employed by them, in implementing the High Value Datasets (HVD) requirements. The study also includes a suggested roadmap for MSs, outlining steps to successfully implement the new HVD requirements. This will be key in particular for less mature MSs. 


Some key findings from the report have included

  • the fact that the degree of adoption of HVDs has varied amongst MSs
  • that there are some challenges with making certain HVDs free of charge
  • that there are significant obstacles when it comes to the use of EU vocabularies, APIs and bulk downloads
  • that there is some uncertainty regarding the overlapping of the Inspire Directive
  • that cooperation and the sharing of best practice is encouraged amongst MSs to overcome existing challenges.


Overall, the report aims to shed light on the practical implications of the Open Data Directive when it comes to HVDs and aims to promote increased collaboration and cooperation between MSs to overcome challenges faced. The report in particular hopes to advance less mature countries By learning from these best practices, MSs can ensure increased compliance.