GeoVis Linked Data Query and Visualisation WebApp for

August 31, 2018

The Open Data Unit was delighted to support the GeoVis Linked Data Query and Visualisation WebApp project driven by Dr. Kris McGlinn from the ADAPT Centre in Trinity College under the Open Data Engagement Fund.

The goal of the project was to add a geospatial dimension to datasets available on the Open Data portal using Ordnance Survey Ireland's (OSI's) authorative linked data sets available on which is an ongoing collaboration between the OSi and the ADAPT centre.  Building on work previously funded by the Open Data Engagement Fund, the ADAPT project examines extensions to an in-house tool for visualising RDF data with a geospatial component by integrating Open Data datasets alongside OSi data into a single visualisation Web App called GeoVis

GeoVis supports integration of multiple datasets into one visualisation and selection is based on geospatial functions.

Full details of the project including Log In details for GeoVis are available here.