Maternity Evaluation Dashboard for Hospital and At-Home Care - Open Data Project

September 11, 2020

The Open Data Engagement Fund has been running successfully for 4 years now and an integral part of the process is letting the open data community and the general public know about the projects that have received funding.  In 2019, the MEDHA Care project was successful in applying to the fund and now we are pleased to provide an update on how the outcome of the project (version 1).

About MEDHA Care (Maternity Evaluation Dashboard for Hospital and At-Home Care);

The dashboard helps patents to-be in Ireland to understand maternity care pathways for expectant mothers. The dashboard is available at;

 The main objectives of the dashboard are;

  • Help expectant parents to visualise elements of care pathways such as symptoms, at-home best practices, GP Visit / Midwife visit schedules, and hospital visit schedules for each of the three trimesters.
  • Help expectant parents to understand outcomes of pregnancy based on factors such as the mother's age or pre-existing maternal conditions.
  • Help expectant parents to plan antenatal physician and midwife appointments.



Expectant parents can understand the significance of the available clinical pathways, the risks involved, and expected clinical outcomes. They can decide a pregnancy strategy for themselves based on personal preference in consultation with their Midwives or GPs.


Tech Stack

MEDHA Care is built using HTML and CSS. The Version 1.0 of this dashboard is hosted on


The Author

MEDHA Care was developed by Think Biosolution’s CEO Dr. Shourjya Sanyal. You can see more of their interactive care pathway visualisation dashboards at the following



Metadata Tags

Maternity Care; Care Pathway; HSE

Full details on this and all of the other projects of the Engagement Fund can be found here.