Check out Biodiversity Maps national portal

June 24, 2020

Biodiversity Maps is a national portal that compiles biodiversity data from multiple sources and makes it freely available on-line.

The portal provides an overview of the state of knowledge on the distribution of Ireland's biodiversity from empirical observations, collected by organisations and individuals, from both the private and public sectors. It serves both as a portal to access biodiversity data published as open data, and as a shop window to display other existing sources of data on Ireland's biodiversity.  The portal can be freely accessed by anyone wanting to find out more about biodiversity in Ireland.  It contains more that 4 million records and this information can be used to enable the correct decisions to be made around land use and planning in Ireland.   A video clip on how to use the portal is available here  

Datasets from the National Biodiversity Centre are available for reuse on

Further information is available from Biodiversity Ireland