Assistance for Public Bodies on the use of Eircodes

10 March 2020


OGP Eircode Encoding Framework

The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) has developed a multi-supplier framework for bulk encoding of Eircodes on to public sector databases. This will provide PSBs and non-commercial state bodies with a service that will increase storage and utilisation of Eircodes by simply appending the correct Eircode to an address in your existing databases. The framework enables old legacy ICT systems that may not be compatible with the Eircode API to nonetheless increase the value of their existing datasets by appending Eircodes to addresses. 

The services are split into 4 Lots based on the size of your database to be encoded and each Lot has an appointed designated commercial organisation with fixed pricing:
• Lot 1: 0 to 100,000 database records within c. max 2 weeks timeframe;
• Lot 2: 100,001 to 500,000 database records within c. max 3 weeks timeframe;
• Lot 3: 500,001 to 2,000,000 database records within c. max 4 weeks timeframe; and
• Lot 4: 2,000,001 to 10,000,000+ database records within c. max 6 weeks timeframe.

There are many benefits to PSBs using this service, namely it alleviates the administrative burden on PSBs running individual low value competitions, easy to manage for PSBs, speedily increase number of Eircode addresses, maximum fee known from the outset, GDPR compliant, certified accuracy of encoded Eircode addresses and PSBs only charged for records matched to an Eircode.

To draw down services from the framework simply log on to the ‘Buyer Zone’ on the OGP website (, or contact Karolina Wiktorowska (OGP) on 076 100 8328, or at

OSI Eircode API

As a key enabler for PSB’s to deliver on the Government Decision of June 2017, the subsequent DPER Eircode Circular 19/2017 and the National Data Infrastructure, Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) launched a public sector wide Eircode validation and lookup application API. This shared service Eircode API allows users:
• Real-time validation of Eircodes and addresses based on the entry of a valid Eircode;
• Input an address to obtain a valid Eircode - includes predictive address text;
• Use of Alias Addresses to significantly increase accuracy of address search for an Eircode; and
• Auto-population of address fields in online forms upon input of a valid Eircode. 

The API in real-time verifies all incoming Eircodes and addresses provided by customers and geographically locates properties, including the c.35% of non-unique addresses that are predominately in rural areas. It is now available for use at no extra cost if OSi acts as a sub-contractor under the appropriate licence of the PSB in question.

To access the API please contact