3D Data Hack Dublin
What is it? Locational Data are a vitally important components of applications across the fields of Planning, Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare, Financial Services and Retail. Millions of citizens increasingly rely on these data to power everyday applications which help them navigate and find services more effectively, work and study more efficiently, and even to play more safely. Innovation in this area is growing exponentially, and we are now witnessing a paradigm shift in the growing provision of data in 3D. Data-driven representations of the urban environment are becoming ever more detailed, dynamic, interactive, and immersive. The organisers of the event are committed to making such data more accessible, and to using these data to solve city challenges in innovative ways. Smart Docklands have commissioned a highly accurate 3D Model of the Dublin Docklands Strategic Development Zone, and our ambition is to make this model – and the data sets used to develop it – available to a wide-range of innovators, designers and makers who can use it to develop innovative applications and services. DCC and Grangegorman Development Agency, in partnership with Public BIM and the Open Data Unit also want to investigate how non-sensitive data created through the mandated BIM process for all new state assets could be used as open data for Public Good. Given the complex nature of the data available in the models, we will be providing access two weeks in advance of the Hackathon to all fully registered teams. These teams will be asked to familiarise themselves with the data, the model itself and any compatible software which they’d like to use at the event. The challenge areas for the Hackathon will be: Transportation & Mobility, Emergency Response Management, Civic Engagement, Urban and Environmental Planning, PlanTech and Construction, Urban Infrastructure and Asset Use, Tourism and Serious Gaming. More details on these challenges and relevant additional data sets will be provided to teams who register before the deadline of noon on 19th April, 2019. The Models This 3D Docklands model is envisaged as the core component of a ‘Digital Twin’ of our Smart Docklands district. It is accurate to 150mm and is populated with both existing and planned buildings for the area. The data will be provided in FBX and 3D Studio Max format, suitable for use in the free and Open Source modelling software such as Blender, but also with popular game engines such as Unity (partially free) or Unreal Engine 4 (Free). 3D data-rich open source models of existing buildings in the Docklands area. The data will be provided in IFC format. suitable for use in the free and Open Source modelling software such as BIM surfer, BIM server, IfcOpenShell, IfcPlusPlus, FreeCAD or xBIM Toolkit. Who is it for? Professionals and skilled enthusiasts in the field of GeoSpatial data including Architects, Engineers, Game Developers, Digital Construction professionals, and those working in BIM and Augmented and Virtual Reality applications. When and where will it take place? The Hackathon will take place on from 7pm on Friday 10th to 3pm Sunday 12th May 2019. Autodesk Ireland have kindly offered us the use of their space at 1 Windmill Lane, Windmill Quarter, Dublin 2. What will I need? We will provide work spaces, power outlets, access to the model (in advance) and catering over the two days. You will need your own laptop and software to work with. As stated above, suitable software includes, but may not be limited to: 3D Studio Max, Unity, Unreal Engine and open source IFC software. Who is behind the event? Dublin City Council (via the Smart Docklands Programme) and the Grangegorman Development Agency, in partnership with Public BIM and the Open Data Unit (DPER) and with the support of the Building City Dashboards Team at the University of Maynooth. We are also partnering with AR/VR Innovate Conference run by Alex Gibson, which is taking place the same weekend.
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