Unfinished Housing Developments- Summary Reports for 2016

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The Minister for Housing and Urban Renewal Damien English TD, today (21st March 2017) published the fifth annual progress report and seventh housing survey on tackling the issue of unfinished housing developments. This reveals an “85% drop in the unfinished developments since 2010 from nearly 3000 to 420. 2016 alone saw the resolution of 248 developments”.

In order to target opportunities for strategic acquisition for the social housing investment programme within council’s this ‘unfinished’ housing development 2016 (UFHD) survey and progress report has also identified and quantified existing and potential social housing units within developments in line with Action 5.3 of Rebuilding Ireland.

In broad terms the remaining unfinished developments fall into two categories:

Developments situated within high demand areas that are more likely to resolve in the near term; and1.

Developments in low market demand areas. Resolving such developments is closely related to local market 2. demand and will take longer than high demand locations.

The number of developments still considered ‘unfinished’ from the 2016 survey has therefore fallen dramatically to 420 developments nationally, which is an 85% reduction from the initial number of unfinished developments surveyed in 2010 .

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