Primary & Post Primary Schools datasets with full info


I was delighted to see Primary and Post Primary lists being released to this portal by the Dept of Education here and here

However, these lists have had data removed from them. previously data available on the Dept of Ed site included ethos, boys/girls/mixed info, DEIS info, contact details etc etc etc. As an example, see info available for a single school here

I know this data was previously available as I previously downloaded from their site

This info is available, on their site, and configured in electronic format.

The ask is that the recent datasets released be updated with the ALL of the missing info that is currently available

Additional Info

Creator Dave Corley
Organisation OpenStreetMap Ireland
Online URL

Public Sector Body Dept of Education
Potential Use

Openstreetmap, merge with other govt datasets for deep dive analysis

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Current Discussion

  • Marian Beakey (12 months ago)

    Referred to D/Education for consideration. 25/9/2017