Dublin Bus Realtime GPS Locations


A dataset that shows the raw Lat/Long position of all buses on the Dublin Bus network. At the moment there is only a time estimate which can be very unreliable and often does not account for buses that have failed to start at their scheduled time.

Additional Info

Creator Dublin Bus Realtime GPS Locations
Organisation Stephen McBride
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Public Sector Body Dublin Bus / Transport for Ireland
Potential Use

For helping Dublin Bus passengers more accurately gauge when their bus will arrive

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Created 11 months ago
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Current Discussion

  • Open Data Team (Unauthenticated user) (11 months ago)

    The National Transport Authority (NTA) don’t have a feed for bus positions at the moment but currently have a tender out which includes this requirement. They estimate that are about 9-12 months away from being in a position to publish Dublin Bus real-time vehicle positions. When they do publish it, it will include Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann and Go-Ahead routes initially. Open Data Team 25 October, 2017