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This would be a very basic dataset containing the gps coordinates of all public bins managed by each county council. Ideally there would also be a field in the dataset that would indicate if the bin is for general waste or recycling. I am aware that some of this data is available for Dublin City Council but this should be implemented for each county.

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Creator Public Bin Locations Ireland
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Public Sector Body All County Councils
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Generate a map with the locations of pubic bins highlighting the nearest to an individuals current location. An easy to use interface could prevent people from littering if they know exactly where the nearest bin is. Littering seems to have got worse over the course of the pandemic but this could be a simple solution to help tackle this issue in the form of a website/app. The inclusion of general waste/recycling field could also promote more people to seek out recycling bins instead of putting everything into general waste.

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  • G (Unauthenticated user) (3 hours ago)

    Hi, Any update on this?

  • G (Unauthenticated user) (1 month ago)

    Glad to hear it. Thank you

  • paulfitzpatrick (1 month ago)

    Request sent to all County Councils for consideration on 30/04/21. Open Data Team.