Covid cases by age and population distribution


The current COVID breakdown by age is in 10 year intervals up to 64. All ages 65+ are lumped together. This is a first distortion. More importantly, figures should be shown against actual population age distributions and (probably) expressed as percentages. This would give older persons (like me, in spades!) a more accurate picture of risk

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  • nancy costello (Unauthenticated user) (1 month ago)

    Dear Jim, Thank you for your feedback. I have passed your suggestions to the team for consideration. Regards, Nancy. Nancy Costello Business and Marketing Department Ordnance Survey Ireland Phoenix Park
    Dublin 8 Ireland D08 F6E4


  • paulfitzpatrick (1 month ago)

    Request sent to the OSI for consideration on 09/03/21. Open Data Team.

  • Jim O'Mahony (Unauthenticated user) (1 month ago)