Historic Maps from 1830 and 1930 surveys of Ireland


OSI have two historic map tile sets of two surveys done in the 1830s and 1930s (accessible at historicmaps.ie for instance). I would like for the tiles themselves to be available as open data so that I can analyse (for instance) the prevalence and decline of formal gardens in Ireland. To be clear: the tiles are currently only accessible on historicmaps.ie and a handful of other locations online. However, they are not available for bulk download, and this is what I would like to do, in order to run large-scale image processing on the tiles. I should imagine that copyright on these tiles has expired since it has been over 70 years since their creation.

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Creator Carl Lange
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Public Sector Body Ordnance Survey Ireland
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Current Discussion

  • Krystyna Pycinska-Taylor (7 months ago)

    Carl, the OSi has advised that it is not in a position to provide these historic maps as open data. Sorry.. However, the datasets are available to the public at www.GeoHive.ie where OSi facilitate the ability for anyone to easily view and share theses maps. Regards, Open Data Team, 12.10.2018

  • Krystyna Pycinska-Taylor (Unauthenticated user) (8 months ago)

    Carl, your suggestion has been sent to the OSi for consideration. Regards, Open Data Team, 27.08.18