Water Outage Information from Irish Water


Irish Water has an existing locked-down GIS dataset for all current and expected water outage issues across Ireland. These are mapped as points and provide metadata about the start time for the works or advice on water tank locations (in extreme cases). At present, this must be searched on their website meaning that people do not get any pre warning about incidents taking place in their area. They find out the hard way after the water is unavailable. It is a difficult site to navigate and if this data was open then it would allow interested businesses to create a web feed to get pre-warning for any local water outages.

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Creator Irish Water Outage Information (GIS Data Feed)
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Public Sector Body Irish Water
Potential Use

If this dataset is shared as open data in a structured and timely manner then it can be reused by 3rd party applications that rely on water. Our business relies on water and we have more to be doing than trawling through the Irish Water website every day.

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Current Discussion

  • Alexandre Verri (Unauthenticated user) (1 month ago)

    I would suggest the same thing, it's a valuable information. I would like to create an application to react to the alerts and inform me about outages.

  • Marian Beakey (7 months ago)

    Request sent to Irish Water for consideration 20/11/2017. Awaiting a response. Open Data Team.

  • Margaret Ashe (Unauthenticated user) (8 months ago)

    This was available as an ESRI service but they switched it off recently. Any idea why?