GP Prescribing Data


The data which covers prescriptions that are prescribed in the Republic of Ireland by GPs or Nurses (within a GP Practice), that are subsequently dispensed by a community pharmacist, dispensing doctor or appliance supplier and have been paid for with public and/or private funds. (Same as in the Northern Ireland as per

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Creator Denis Parfenov
Organisation Open Knowledge Ireland
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Public Sector Body Dept of Health
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mixing with other sources of data and empowering informed health and socio-economic choices

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Created over 6 years ago
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Current Discussion

  • paulfitzpatrick (10 months ago)

    Request for an update sent to the HSE on 07/10/21, Open Data Team.

  • Fiona (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)

    Are there any updates on when this data will be available?

  • paulfitzpatrick (over 1 year ago)

    Update received from the HSE. As you will understand the Health Service is under considerable pressure in relation to the Covid pandemic as a result they have had to prioritise their resources to work on pandemic related work. The HSE will review this request, however it may be later in the year. The HSE would only have data from publicly funded prescribing information. Open Data Team, 18/02/21.

  • Denis Parfenov (Unauthenticated user) (over 1 year ago)

    Hi, do you have any updates on this dataset?

  • Conor Steele (Unauthenticated user) (over 1 year ago)

    Any further updates on if/when this dataset will be available?

  • Karen Spofforth (Unauthenticated user) (over 3 years ago)

    Very interested in this dataset - the thread suggests that it was due out in 2017, however this is clearly not yet published. Any update on when it may become available?

  • Open Data Team (Unauthenticated user) (over 4 years ago)
  • MBeakey (over 5 years ago)

    The Health Service Executive has advised that GP prescribing data will not be available until late 2017 at the earliest. They are undertaking a project to publish the prescribing data in Q1 2017 but do not expect delivery until Q4. Regards, Open Data Team, 3/2/2017

  • martin.troy (over 6 years ago)

    Thanks Denis. Can you advise if this dataset already exists in any format? If so, we can ask D/Health to consider your suggestion. We note the difference between the NHS GP system in UK and the GP system in Ireland.