Aerodromes, En-route, Warnings, including miscellaneous information


A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) is a notice filed with an aviation authority to alert aircraft pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at a location that could affect the safety of the flight. All current NOTAMs issued by the IAA are contained within this file.

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Creator Wassim Derguech
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Public Sector Body Irish Aviation Authority
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This dataset is necessary for drone operators to make sure that there are no restrictions in their flying areas

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Current Discussion

  • paulfitzpatrick (1 month ago)

    We have been advised by IAA that they are working to provide NOTAM as open data Level 3 by 2025. Open Data Team.

  • paulfitzpatrick (1 month ago)

    Request sent to the Irish Aviation Authority for consideration on 25/11/20. Open Data Team.