Number of allotments and community gardens in Ireland


A database should be publicly available showing how many of the following are currently provided by each local authority and municipal district in Ireland:

  • Number of allotments per local authority and municipal district
  • Number of community gardens per local authority and municipal district

All data is currently available as per the LGMA report in January 2020 (PDF linked), but not yet published as a dataset:

Additional Info

Creator Donal McCormack
Organisation Community Gardens Ireland
Online URL

Public Sector Body Local Government Management Agency
Potential Use

Communities would be able to use this information to request additional community growing spaces. Local authorities would be able to use this information to benchmark against other local authorities. Currently there are no other available records as detailed here:

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Current Discussion

  • Dónal McCormack (Unauthenticated user) (5 hours ago)

    Thanks Paul! Could the LGMA add to the dataset of numbers of allotments and community gardens per local authority from the below report as a single instance?

  • paulfitzpatrick (6 hours ago)

    According to the LGMA, that information was extracted from a once off survey conducted with local authorities. It is not something LGMA collect on a regular basis. As the LGMA received the figure via a survey tool, LGMA do not know how each LA gathers or records their data. They are not aware of any centralised system where this data is collected. 03.08.21 Open Data Team

  • Donal McCormack (Unauthenticated user) (12 hours ago)

    Hi Paul/ team, the link has been changed on the LGMA website - this request is for the LGMA to upload the number of allotments and number of community gardens for each local authority from page 64 of here:

  • paulfitzpatrick (22 days ago)

    Update received from the LGMA. At present, there is very little data that is held centrally. Each local authority gathers and releases their own data. LGMA do not have any central data in relation to allotments or community gardens so, unfortunately, LGMA are not in a position to release any data. 12.07.21 Open Data Team.

  • paulfitzpatrick (27 days ago)

    Request sent to the LGMA for consideration on 07/07/21. Open Data Team.