National Monuments Service - Archaeological Survey of Ireland

This dataset contains the digitised locations of the records of the Archaeological Survey of Ireland.

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Theme Environment
Date updated 2012-08-30
Dataset conforms to these standards The INSPIRE Directive or INSPIRE lays down a general framework for a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for the purposes of European Community environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment.
Rights notes ['The data featured on this website is subject to Government copyright according to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000. The data may be downloaded to file or printer for personal use only. Where this material is being issued to others, the source (including URL) and copyright status must be acknowledged. This data should not be passed on to third parties, either directly or as part of an application. Data should not be sold, in whole or in part, nor form part of any application or development which is being sold. Please note that data downloaded from this server may not be uploaded in whole or in part to any other website without the consent of this Department. In addition, anyone who wishes to incorporate this data into an added-value application should first contact the Department to request permission and negotiate terms, if applicable.', 'No limitations on public access', 'otherRestrictions']
Update frequency Irregular
Language English
Geographic coverage in GeoJSON format {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-11.2, 51.12],[-11.2, 55.6], [-5.42, 55.6], [-5.42, 51.12], [-11.2, 51.12]]]}
Spatial Reference Systems (SRS) Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM, EPSG:2157)
Vertical Extent {"verticalDomainName": "Malin Ordnance Datum", "minVerticalExtent": "0", "maxVerticalExtent": "0"}
Provenance information It is important to note that this mapping uses the Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) co-ordinate system. In order to facilitate users during the transition from Irish Grid (IG) to ITM, downloads will include both sets of co-ordinates. The existing point centroids for the records were digitised relative to the OSI 6-inch mapping and the move from this older IG-referenced series to the larger-scale ITM mapping will necessitate revisions. It is intended to commence a positional accuracy improvement programme shortly. The date of the most recent revision of the SMR data on this website is March 2011. A further notice will issue in respect of scheduled data uploads.