LIHAF Table for publication as at Wed 28032018 The following notes of the table headings apply; 1 LIHAF funding is provided on a matched funding basis, with the Exchequer providing 75% of the cost of the infrastructure and the relevant Local Authority providing the other 25%. 2 Figure derived from the units which Local Authorities or developers, as relevant, have committed to building by 2021 and it is subject to planning approval.
3 Projection based on a normal 10% of the total units or more where it is a mixed or state site and the Local Authority intends to provide more than 10% social housing. Subject to change as state sites move through masterplanning. 4 Projection based on affordable housing that will be produced by Local Authorities on state sites or where a developer has agreed to put a bespoke affordable scheme on a private site. 5 Projection based on a committment to provide cost reductions from the market price on private units which will be availed of directly by the public 6 Estimated average costs in 2017 from information supplied by Local Authorities for the general areas in which the associated sites are located. Price caps are not applicable save where indicated in the Additional Information. Indicative figures provided are not a guarantee of actual cost as they are solely estimates for the area to enable consideration by the Department. 7 Ferrybank will receive 50% grant funding as Kilkenny will contribute 25% and Waterford will contribute 25%.

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