Housing Adaption Grant for People with a Disability 2008-2013

A Housing Adaptation Grant is available where changes need to be made to a home to make it suitable for a person with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability or mental health difficulty to live in. There are three types of grant available; Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability, Mobility Aids Grant, and the Housing Aid for Older People Grant. They have been in operation since 2008.

In 2020 the majority of Local Authorities were unable to achieve full drawdown of their allocations due to the impact of COVID-19, with Government restrictions curtailing the activities of technical staff, Occupational Therapist resources and the availability of construction resources. This was closely monitored by the Department and underspends were redistributed to local authorities with capacity to process additional applications, resulting in 8,137 grants paid in 2020.

Notes: These new schemes above replaced Disabled Persons and Essential Repairs Grants on 1 November 2007. The schemes are 80% funded by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, with a 20% contribution from the local authority. The data above details the Exchequer funding provided directly from the Department and the Local Property Tax allocation but does not include the 20% contribution provided by Local Authorities from their own funds. The most current data is published on these sheets. Previously published data may be subject to revision. Any change from the originally published data will be highlighted by a comment on the cell in question. These comments will be maintained for at least a year after the date of the value change.

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Housing Adaption Grant for People with a Disability ...
Housing Adaption Grant for People with a Disability ...
Housing Adaption Grant for People with a Disability ...

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