This dataset provides a summary of the total GLAS payments for 2019 for each applicable Land Action, summed up over each County. Different Land Actions are measured in different units, for example area in hectares or a total number of boxes for Conservation of Bees/Bats etc.

The county used is the county in which the Land Parcel resides for that action. In some cases, Land Actions are not attached to a Land Parcel, for example ‘Catch Crops’, this is normally in the case where the action may be applied to the entire farm. In these cases, the county attached to the GLAS application was used.

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Gross GLAS Payments by County for 2019
Gross Glas Payments by County for 2019
Gross Glas Payments by County for 2019

Data Resource Preview - Gross GLAS Payments by County for 2019

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Theme Agriculture
Date released 2020-04-07
Date updated 2020-04-07
Dataset conforms to these standards CSO
Update frequency Never
Language English
Geographic coverage National
Provenance information Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
Period of time covered (begin) 2019-01-01
Period of time covered (end) 2019-12-31

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