General Biodiversity Records from Ireland

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The records in this Dataset are general records of different taxonomic groups submitted to the National Biodiversity Data Centre. This provides a temporary facility to store and make available data submitted to the Centre, until such time as subsets of the data can be added to a recognised national database.

Geographic Coverage: The island of Ireland

Temporal Coverage: Primarily for capturing new records from 2010 onwards, though it also contains some older records.

Species Groups recorded: acarine (Acari), alga, annelid, bony fish (Actinopterygii), bryozoan, cartilagenous fish (Chondricht, centipede, coelenterate (=cnidarian), comb jelly (Ctenophora), crustacean, echinoderm, flatworm (Turbellaria), fungus, harvestman (Opiliones), insect - beetle (Coleoptera), insect - bristletail (Archaeog, insect - caddis fly (Trichopte, insect - dragonfly (Odonata), insect - earwig (Dermaptera), insect - hymenopteran, insect - lacewing (Neuroptera), insect - mayfly (Ephemeroptera, insect - moth, insect - silverfish (Thysanura, insect - stick insect (Phasmid, insect - stonefly (Plecoptera), insect - true bug (Hemiptera), insect - true fly (Diptera), jawless fish (Agnatha), lichen, liverwort, millipede, mollusc, moss, ribbon worm (Nemertinea), sea spider (Pycnogonida), slime mould, spider (Araneae), sponge (Porifera), springtail (Collembola), terrestrial mammal, tunicate (Urochordata)

Dataset Status: Ongoing

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Theme Environment
Date dataset released 2020-11-11
Date dataset updated 2020-11-12
Dataset conforms to these standards The INSPIRE Directive or INSPIRE lays down a general framework for a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for the purposes of European Community environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment.
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Geographic coverage in GeoJSON format {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-10.51127641, 51.43320619],[-10.51127641, 55.26300057], [-5.60582399, 55.26300057], [-5.60582399, 51.43320619], [-10.51127641, 51.43320619]]]}
Spatial Reference Systems (SRS) TM75 / Irish Grid (EPSG:29903)
Vertical Extent {"maxVerticalExtent": "0", "verticalDomainName": "EPSG Projection 5731 - Malin Head height", "minVerticalExtent": "0"}
Provenance information The bulk of the records contained in this Dataset are from either professional recorders or highly competent recorders working in a voluntary capacity. Not all of the data has been validated. Data Capture Method: Data collected by different survey methods, but principally by direct field observation. Data Capture Purpose: To provide a facility for recorders to contribute to the knowledge of the distribution of species in Ireland and to make their records more freely avaiable. Original Format: Data stored in a variety of formats but brought together in a SQL database
Period of time covered (begin) 1974-01-01
Period of time covered (end) 2020-12-31

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