Field Alias Glossary (State Assets Sourced by LDA)

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Description: All sites shown within the “PRA State Assets” layer are folios sourced from searching the PRAI database and are accurate from the date of that PRAI search. The registered owner field may have been changed to keep consistency throughout the database.The folio boundary data available on this site is derived from source data provided by the Property Registration Authority (PRA) and is subject to PRA copyright. The currency and accuracy of this data at the time of inspection cannot be guaranteed. Those wishing to ensure that folio boundary data is the most accurate and up to date available should access this information through information shown within the “State Assets Sourced by LDA” layer depicts sites we believe to be within the ownership of the state however at the time of compiling this layer they were not registered with the PRAI. Please note the State Assets Sourced by the LDA sites have been manually sourced and drawn by the LDA and will be updated regularly. Please contact if we have shown any incorrect information or if we are missing State-owned assets within these layers.

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