Dumping at Sea Chemical Monitoring Points

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This is a point dataset of the location of all Dumping at Sea Chemical Monitoring Points.

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Additional Information

Title Dumping at Sea Chemical Monitoring Points

This is a point dataset of the location of all Dumping at Sea Chemical Monitoring Points.

Contact Point name: Informatics
email: gis@edenireland.ie
phone: +353-1-2680100
Keywords chemical, chemical monitoring, das, dump, dump site, dumping, dumping at sea, environment, environmental monitoring facilities, ireland, monitoring, monitoring points, sea
Theme Environment
Publisher Environmental Protection Agency
Issue Date 04 Jul 2014
Conforms To The INSPIRE Directive or INSPIRE lays down a general framework for a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for the purposes of European Community environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment.
Last Modification Date 29 May 2017
Publication Frequency annually
Language eng
Landing Page http://gis.epa.ie/geoserver/EPA/wms?service=WMS&version=1.1.0&request=GetMap&layers=EPA:DAS_CHEMICALMONITORING&styles=&bbox=43991.594120167836,45038.08909923805,332118.7545423748,430735.64431471314&width=382&height=512&srs=EPSG:29902&format=image%2Fpng
Geographic Coverage North: 55.37999, South: 51.44555, East: -6.01306, West: -10.47472
Vertical Extent Domain name: None, Min value: 0, Max value: 1014
Lineage A Dumping at Sea Permit application is submitted to the EPA by a port company, harbour authority, local authority or other public body, or by a private company. Information on the physical and chemical properties of the material or substance proposed to be dumped is provided by applicants as part of the permit application. This point dataset on the chemical monitoring points is from permit application submitted by the applicant.
Temporal Extent From: 1989-10-01 00:00, To: 2016-11-01 00:00
Spatial Reference System http://www.opengis.net/def/crs/EPSG/0/29902
Spatial Resolution 50000