Dublin Bus GPS sample data (Insight Project) from DCC

Published by: Dublin City Council
Category: Transport
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Bus GPS Data Dublin Bus GPS data across Dublin City, from Dublin City Council'traffic control, in csv format. Each datapoint (row in the CSV file) has the following entries:''Timestamp micro since 1970 01 01 00:00:00 GMT'Line ID'Direction'Journey Pattern ID'Time Frame (The start date of the production time table - in Dublin the production time table starts at 6am and ends at 3am)'Vehicle Journey ID (A given run on the journey pattern)'Operator (Bus operator, not the driver)'Congestion [0=no,1=yes]'Lon WGS84'Lat WGS84'Delay (seconds, negative if bus is ahead of schedule)'Block ID (a section ID of the journey pattern)'Vehicle ID'Stop ID'At Stop [0=no,1=yes]

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From 6th Nov 2012 to 30th Nov 2012
From 1st Jan 2013 to 31st Jan 2013
Theme Transport
Date released 2013-06-27
Date updated 2022-01-18
Update frequency Irregular
Language English
Landing page https://data.smartdublin.ie/dataset/dublin-bus-gps-sample-data-from-dublin-city-council-insight-project
Geographic coverage Dublin City
OR: specify what period of time the dataset covers 2013-01-01 to 2013-01-31