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Schedule and Monitor of Gully Cleaning for Dublin City These datasets show the gully cleaning statistics from 2004 to September 14th 2011. It consists attached 6 No. Excel Spreadsheets with the datasets from the Daily Returns section of the Gully Cleaning Application and one dataset from the Gully Repairs section of the gully application. They are divided into the five Dublin City Council administrative areas; Central, North Central, North West, Southeast, South Central. There is also a dataset containing details of all Gully repairs pending (all areas included).The datasets cover all Daily Returns since the gully cleaning programme commenced in 2004. Daily Returns are lists of the work that the gully cleaning crews carry out daily. All gullies on a street are cleaned where possible. A list of Omissions is recorded where some gullies may not have been cleaned due to lack of access or other reasons. Also, the gullies that required repair were noted. The Daily Returns datasets record only the number of gullies requiring repair on a particular street, not the details of the repair. Information in the fields is as follows: .Road name: street name or laneway denoted by nearest house or lamp post etc. If a road name is followed by the letters pl in capital letters than it means that either this road or a section of this road has been placed on the priority list due to a history of flooding or a higher potential of the gully blocking due to location etc. If a road name is followed by a number of zeros in the gullies inspected - gullies cleaned columns etc then it is very probable that this road was travelled during heavy rain as part of our flood zones and there was no flooding noted along this road at the time of travelling. Gullies inspected: number of gullies inspected along road/lane .A road name followed by lower case road names denotes a road that is part of more than one area in our gully cleaning areas and these lower case names denote the starting point and finishing point for the crews working in the particular area i.e. Howth Road All Saints Rd-Fairview denotes that the section of the Howth road between all saints road and Fairview are within the area that the crew have been asked to work in. Gullies cleaned :number of gullies cleaned from total inspected .Gully omissions :number of gullies missed i.e. Unable to put boom or shovel into gully pot due to parked cars / unable to lift grids / hoarding over gullies etc .Gully repairs: number of repairs based on inspections-note not all repairs prevent the gully from being cleaned. Comments box: this box is used to provide any additional information that may be of benefit and it can be noted that results of work carried out by the mini jet is placed in this box.

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DCC_GullyCleaningDaily2004-11CENTRAL AREA_P20110923-1517.csv
DCC_GullyCleaningDaily2004-11SOUTHEASTAREA _P20110923-1519.csv
DCC_GullyRepairsPending2004-11ALL AREAS_P20110926-1358.csv
DCC_GullyCleaningDaily2004-11NORTHWESTAREA _P20110923-1518.csv
DCC_GullyCleaningDaily2004-11SOUTHCENTRALAREA _P20110923-1519.csv

Data Resource Preview - DCC_GullyCleaningDaily2004-11NORTHWESTAREA _P20110923-1518.csv

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