COVID-19 SDU Acute Hospital Time Series Summary

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Please see FAQ for latest information on COVID-19 Data Hub Data Flows: Notice: Please note that data for the 30th of May 2023 is missing from this dataset.If you are downloading this data set as a CSV please follow these steps to sort the dataset by date.1. Click the 'Download' button.2. In the download pane that opens on the left, click the 'Download' button under CSV. This should be the first option.3. Open the file.4. Highlight column D by click 'D'.5. In the ribbon, in the Editing group click 'Sort & Filter'.6. From the drop down menu that appears select the first option to sort from oldest to newest.7. In the pop-up window that appears make sure that 'Expand the selection' is selected.8. Click 'Sort', the dataset will now be sorted by date. See the section What impact has the cyber-attack of May 2021 on the HSE IT systems had on reporting of COVID-19 data on the Data Hub? in the FAQ for information about issues in data from May 2021. Between 14th May 2021 and 29th July 2021 only the fields 'Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases Admitted on site' (SUM_number_of_confirmed_covid_19_ca) and 'Number of new COVID-19 cases confirmed in the past 24 hrs' (SUM_number_of_new_covid_19_cases_co) in this service were updated.The fields 'Number of New Admissions COVID-19 Positive previous 24hrs' (SUM_no_new_admissions_covid19_p) and 'Number of Discharges COVID-19 Positive previous 24hrs' (SUM_no_discharges_covid19_posit) have no data during this period of time. Detailed dataset containing a range of COVID-19 related indicators for Acute Hospitals in Ireland. Data is provided for Confirmed COVID-19 cases and the number of new admissions and discharges. Data is based on an aggregate of 29 Acute Hospitals. Data has been provided by the HSE Performance Management Improvement Unit (PMIU).This service is used in Ireland's COVID-19 Data Hub, produced as a collaboration between Tailte Éireann, the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, the Department of Health, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC), and the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO). This service and Ireland's COVID-19 Data Hub are built using the GeoHive platform, Ireland's Geospatial Data Hub. 

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