Bathing Water Compliance

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This dataset shows the overall annual bathing water quality following monitoring carried out by Local Authorities over the bathing period which runs from 1st June to 15th September annually. The assessments are carried out on designated Bathing water locations as part of the legislation governing the quality of bathing waters that is set out in the Quality of Bathing Waters Regulations, 1992 (S.I 155 of 1992) and amendments, which transposed the EC Directive 76/160/EEC concerning the quality of bathing water.

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Theme Health
Date dataset released 2011-06-08
Date dataset updated 2021-05-17
Dataset conforms to these standards The INSPIRE Directive or INSPIRE lays down a general framework for a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for the purposes of European Community environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment.
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Geographic coverage in GeoJSON format {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-10.47472, 51.44555],[-10.47472, 55.37999], [-6.01306, 55.37999], [-6.01306, 51.44555], [-10.47472, 51.44555]]]}
Spatial Reference Systems (SRS) TM65 / Irish Grid (EPSG:29902)
Vertical Extent {"maxVerticalExtent": "1014", "verticalDomainName": "EPSG Projection 5731 - Malin Head height", "minVerticalExtent": "0"}
Provenance information Prior to 2011 Bathing water compliance was based on a sub-set of the parameters specified in the EC Directive 76/160/EEC which included the microbiological parameters Total coliforms, Faecal coliforms and Faecal Streptococci together with a range of physicochemical parameters such as Mineral oils, Surface active substances and Phenols. In 2008 the revised Bathing Water Directive 2006/7/EC (transposed as S.I. 79 of 2008) introduced assessment based on the microbiological parameters E.coli and Intestinal Enterococci. The minimum sampling frequency is monthly from 1st June to 15th September however most local authorities sample at fortnightly frequency with monitoring commencing two weeks prior to the start of the bathing season. Prior to 2014 water quality was assessed against whether it met the guideline values of the 1976 Directive (Good), mandatory values (Sufficient), or whether it failed to meet these (Poor). This was based on an annual assessment of the previous bathing season data. Since 2014 water quality assessment has been undertaken using a 4 year data set against the criteria set out in the 2006 Directive using percentile rather than percentage compliance against the standards for each of the three classifications: Excellent, Good, Sufficient. Waters failing to meet the minimum standard of Sufficient are classified as Poor. Local Authorities are required to report the results of sampling to the EPA at the end of each bathing season and the overall class is calculated. The Bathing Water names are as per the annual EPA Bathing Water Quality report. Bathing Water IDBW is in the format set out in the Directive (County Code, River Basin District, BathingWater type (Lake, Coast etc.) Waterbody code and a unique 4 digit number. Current water quality is available at
Period of time covered (begin) 2011-01-08
Period of time covered (end) 2015-01-26

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