Prior to 1974 the data was based on surveys of existing house sales in Dublin carried out by the Valuation Office on behalf of the D. O. E. Since 1974 the data has been based on information supplied by all lending agencies on the average price of mortgage financed existing house transactions. Average house prices are derived from data supplied by the mortgage lending agencies on loans approved by them rather than loans paid. In comparing house prices figures from one period to another, account should be taken of the fact that changes in the mix of houses (incl apartments) will affect the average figures. Data for 1969/1970 is not available for Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Other areas
The most current data is published on these sheets. Previously published data may be subject to revision. Any change from the originally published data will be highlighted by a comment on the cell in question. These comments will be maintained for at least a year after the date of the value change.

National and Other Areas figure changed for 2015 on 27/6/15 as revised data received from Local Authorities Prices includes houses and apartments measured in €

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