Irish National Tide Gauge Network

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The Irish Tide Gauge Network (ITGN) is a network of operational and historical 19 tide gauges around the coastline of Ireland. A tide gauge (also known as a mareograph or marigraph or sea level recorder) is a device for measuring the daily changes in sea level relative to a datum which in Ireland is known as the Malin Head Ordnance Datum. Within the Irish Tide Gauge Network there are various sensors recording longitude, latitude, date time, altitude, water level (m), water level to Lowest Astronomical Tide (m), water level to OD Malin (m), atmospheric pressure, sea temperature and data quality flags. The tide gauges are located on piers around the coastline of the Republic of Ireland. The first tide gauge became operational in 2006 with other tide gauges coming online during 2008, 2010 and 2017. Tide gauges feed data to the online databases in near real-time. Tide gauges support the monitoring and understanding of tides around the coastline of Ireland. The Irish Tide Gauge Network infrastructure has been supported by the Marine Operations team and data collected has been supported by the Oceanographic Services team within Ocean Science and Information Services of the Marine Institute (Ireland). Data complete for when tide gauges are operational. Incomplete time periods of data represent operational technical issue with the gauge(s).

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