Schedule data for Bus Eireann Waterford (VDV452)

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These public transport operators' GTFS files are updated every time a service timetable is changed. If there was a previous version it will be over written. The validity period for each operator's Schedule is declared in the appropriate manner within in the individual GTFS files. Type = Static Transit Format = GTFS Delivered as = Zip format containing Text files that conform to the GTFS Specification.

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GTFS data for Bus Eireann Waterford (VDV452)
Teagmhálaí Peter Cranny
Ríomhphost Teagmhálaí
Téama Iompair
Dáta eisithe 2015-10-27
Dáta nuashonraithe 2015-10-27
Minicíocht Nuashonraithe Irregular
Teanga English

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