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Please see FAQ for latest information on COVID-19 Data Hub Data Flows. 22 December 2021 the daily COVID-19 case number reported publicly is an estimate based on positive SARS-CoV-2 results uploaded to the HSE COVID Care Tracker the preceding day. This transition was in anticipation of a large volume of cases and decreased capacity among surveillance partners over the Christmas period. Given the ongoing surge in cases, the reporting time (time from when a case is diagnosed to when they are notified on CIDR) has increased. For this reason the daily case number reported continues to be an estimate based on positive SARS-CoV-2 results uploaded to the HSE COVID Care Tracker the preceding day. These data are provisional and do not represent notified cases. They serve to provide an up-to-date picture of trends during this surge period.On the COVID-19 Data Hub, from 22 December 2021, the number of cases reported as ‘Latest Daily Cases’ (ConfirmedCovidCases in open data) and ‘Total Confirmed Cases’ (CovidCasesConfirmed in open data) on the COVID-19 Data Hub reflect reported cases based on the COVID Care Tracker.The notification of cases on the Computerised Infectious Disease Reporting system (CIDR) has continued. However daily updates of detailed Profile and County Statistics on the COVID-19 Data Hub, as well as the HPSC’s daily 14-day report are currently paused, given the increased reporting time and prioritisation of resources during this surge period. Updates to the Data Hub will resume as soon as possible.In the interim, data on COVID-19 cases notified on CIDR are available in the HPSC’s weekly epidemiological report refer to for more information.Notice:A technical issue impacted processing of COVID-19 cases on CIDR on 2/11/2021.  Given the impact on CIDR notifications, the daily case numbers reported between 3rd and 8th November, were based on SARS-CoV-2 results uploaded to the COVID Care Tracker. These data were provisional. The number of cases reported as ‘Latest Daily Cases’ (ConfirmedCovidCases in open data) and ‘Total Confirmed Cases’ (CovidCasesConfirmed in open data) on the COVID-19 Data Hub for those dates reflect reported cases from the COVID Care Tracker.  Reporting of daily cases and cumulative total cases based on notifications on CIDR recommenced from 9th November onwards.  Data contained in all other Profile data fields (e.g. county, age, hospitalised, healthcare workers) are based on CIDR notifications. Data contained in the HPSC ‘COVID-19 14-day epidemiology reports’ is also based on CIDR notifications and further details is available here This service is only updated Monday-Friday. Records in the service created on a Saturday and a Sunday will be the same as updated on the Friday. This may have an impact on users who are consuming the services when calculating averages over time. All records in the service for the weekend will be provided in the normal open data update each Monday evening.  There will be no gaps in the time series.  As CIDR data is subject to ongoing review, validation and update, there may be revisions to previously published data.  It is advised to always download the latest version of the open data for use.Notice:The Health Service Executive’s (HSE) IT systems suffered a major cyber-attack on Friday 14 May 2021. As a consequence, updates of the data in some fields of this layer were paused. Updates of the following fields were not paused: 'ConfirmedCovidCases' and 'TotalConfirmedCovidCases'. From 17 June 2021 onwards, all notified COVID-19 related deaths are reported on a weekly, rather than a daily, basis in this table in the field 'TotalCovidDeaths'. Updates to other fields in this service were paused between 15 May and 1 September 2021. This pause in updates affected data dated from 12 May to 31 August 2021. On 2 September updates to all the paused fields except ‘CloseContact’, ‘CommunityTransmission’, ‘HealthcareWorkersCovidCases’, 'TravelAbroad', and ‘UnderInvestigation’ resumed. These resumed updates include the data from the date range of the paused updates (12 May to 31 August 2021). On 27 October 2021 updates to the 'HealthcareWorkersCovidCases' field resumed, including the data from the date range of its paused updates (12 May to 26 October 2021).Data for the period impacted by the cyber-attack (14 May-31 August 2021) should continue to be interpreted with caution. CIDR, as the national surveillance system is the definitive source for validated data on COVID-19 cases in Ireland which meet Irish and European case definitions.Full details on the recommencement of reporting from CIDR can be found on the HPSC website Notice

Please be advised that on 29th April 2021, the 'Aged65up' and 'HospitalisedAged65up' fields were removed from this table. The three fields 'Aged65to74', 'Aged75to84', and 'Aged85up' replace the 'Aged65up' field.The three fields 'HospitalisedAged65to74', 'HospitalisedAged75to84' and 'HospitalisedAged85up' replace the 'HospitalisedAged65up' field.Please be advised that on the week beginning 1st March 2021, the values in the following fields in this table were set to zero: 'CommunityTransmission' , 'CloseContact', 'TravelAbroad'  and ‘ClustersNotified’. These four fields will be removed altogether over coming weeks, and replaced by new fields as part of an ongoing upgrade of open data services . Users who are consuming the data from these fields in applications will experience service disruption and are advised to take action in order to prevent downtime.       ****This feature service contains Covid-19 Daily Statistics and the Profile of Covid-19 Daily Statistics for Ireland as reported by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.----------------------------------------------------------------------This feature service contains the up to date Covid-19 Daily Statistics as well as the Profile of Covid-19 Daily Statistics for Ireland, as reported by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.The Covid-19 Daily Statistics are updated on a daily basis, with the latest record reporting the counts recorded at 1pm the same day.The further breakdown of these counts (age, gender, transmission, etc.) is part of a Daily Statistics Profile of Covid-19, an analysis that utilises the data that dates back to 12am two days previous to help identify patterns and trends.The primary Date applies to the following fields:ConfirmedCovidCases, TotalConfirmedCovidCases, ConfirmedCovidDeaths, TotalCovidDeaths, ConfirmedCovidRecovered, TotalCovidRecovered.The StatisticProfileDate applies to the following fields:CovidCasesConfirmed, HospitalisedCovidCases, RequiringICUCovidCases, HealthcareWorkersCovidCases,Clusters Notified,HospitalisedAged5,HospitalisedAged5to14,HospitalisedAged15to24,HospitalisedAged25to34,HospitalisedAged35to44,HospitalisedAged45to54,HospitalisedAged55to64,HospitalisedAged65up,HospitalisedAged65to74,HospitalisedAged75to84,HospitalisedAged85up,Male, Female, Unknown, Aged1, Aged1to4, Aged5to14, Aged15to24, Aged25to34, Aged35to44, Aged45to54, Aged55to64, Aged65up, Aged65to74,Aged75to84,Aged85up,MedianAgeCommunityTransmission, CloseContact, TravelAbroad, UnderInvestigation.

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