New transport data feed for app developers utilising GTFS-R (Real-Time) for Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, and Go-Ahead Services

August 12, 2020

App developers with special interest in real-time public transport information should note that the National Transport Authority (NTA) is discontinuing the existing RTPI API, which is being replaced by a new GTFS Real-Time API - GTFS-R API. The existing RTPI will stop working on the 30th September 2020.

GTFS-R is a feed specification that allows NTA to provide real-time public transport updates to application developers. It is an extension to GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification), an open data format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information.  GTFS Realtime was designed around ease of implementation, good GTFS interoperability and a focus on passenger information.  Further information is available here.

The data is available on the open data portal here:

The GTFS-R API is throttled as per fair usage and you need to register to use the live feed. Registration can be completed at:
The NTA’s GTFS-R production URL is:
Further details on the GTFS-R API can be found at the following links: