Real-time Passenger Information (RTPI) for Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, Luas and Irish rail

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The existing RTPI REST API will shortly be replaced by a GTFS-R API. GTFS-realtime is a feed specification that allows public transportation agencies to provide realtime updates about their fleet to application developers. It is an extension to GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification), an open data format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information.

Following the commencement of the GTFS-R API the existing RTPI REST API will be discontinued.

The following dates should be noted:

30th July 2020: Commencement of GTFS-R API

28th August 2020: Temporary shutdown of RTPI REST API

30th September 2020: Permanent shutdown of RTPI REST API

Registration for the new GTFS-R API can be completed at:

Further details on the GTFS-R API can be found at the following links:

Public transport predictions and schedules RTPI REST Web Services API (RRWS API) provides REST interface to retrieve information on real time bus information, timetables and bus stops at Each method available in RRWS API will be invoked using plain HTTP Request (GET method). Depending on parameters provided, results will be returned either in XML or JSON format (if format is not provided then JSON is used by default). The response will contain requested information (see method specification for details) or an error status for the request. This API is available to the public. A link has also been provided that shows daily updated information on routes and operators (GTFS) provided by the National Transport Agency.

As per P.10 of the pdf with the dataset 3.4.4. Retrieve Bus Stop Information Method http://[rtpiserver]/busstopinformation?stopid Replace http://[rtpiserver] with

e.g. to return the next bus at Stop No.07602 (which is in Drumcondra) in json format

and for the same stop in xml format

To get info on all stops the document refers to http://[rtpiserver]/busstopinformation?stopid&format=json so on the Dublinked site The last link on the dataset called PT_Data.html links to the Transport for Ireland website which itself includes a link to NaPTAN (National Public Transport Access Nodes) with Lat Longs for each transport node in .xml file. Each GTFS file listed also has a stops table with geographic coordinates You can get all the current stops and service from the GTFS files listed here

An additional API documentation has been provided for real time Irish Rail information at

Data Resources (6)

Irish Rail Realtime API Documentation
Change `stopid` to another number to get data for a different stop. You can change `format` between `json` and ...
You can change `format` between `json` and `xml`. This is a realtime API and will update frequently.
This will give you the next bus routes to stop at stop 184. You can change the format by changing `format` to `json` ...

Data Resource Preview - RTPI_REST_API_specification.pdf

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Date dataset released 2013-05-30
Date dataset updated 2020-08-27
Rights notes Available for research purposes under the general Dublinked Data Users Agreement and the Result of Public Sector Information Licence. This Use Constraint declaration will be updated over the period of the experimental phase. A document on allowed commercial use provisions is also under construction. Commercial use of the data will be allowed and encouraged.
Update frequency Daily
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Geographic coverage Greater Dublin Area

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