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    Number of insurance undertakings, volume of life and non-life business, employment, gross premium by class and by Irish/foreign risk, details of motor claims and settlements. Summary of life and industrial assurance business, gross and net non-life underwriting revenue by...
    The value of the annual supply of all goods and services by domestic industries; the use of products by domestic industries and by final consumers; the value of imports and exports on products by industry; the components of gross value added (GVA) by industry, compensation of...
    The report on Budgetary and Economic Statistics contains statistics on a wide range of subjects covering a number of years. Part 1 contains government budgetary statistics. Part 2 contains economic statistics mainly on the Irish economy with some comparisons with other...
    Compensation of employees, Income of self-employed, rent of dwellings, net interest and dividends, primary income, social transfers, total household income, taxes, disposable household income, disposable income per person, classified by county and region.
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