Traffic Volumes- City Centre Bridges Count Data 2007-2010 DCC

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Annual Traffic counts and turning data for all modes of transport at 26 locations in the city centre This dataset contains the results of the annual traffic counts conducted during the month of May each year, at twenty-six locations were selected along the Liffey Bridges between Heuston Station and the East Link Bridge and Parnell Street and St. Stephens Green. Counts are usually conducted at each location on two separate days and the average of the two counts is used. ''Information is captured on three worksheets; on the first (CTC) is modes of transport captured at 15 min intervals in the following information fields: Car/ Taxi, Lgv, Hgv, Bus, Mc (Motorcyclist), Pc (Pedal cyclist), while the second worksheet has pedestrian surveys.''Also captured in these counts are turning count data, to be read in conjunction with the third worksheet (Site Plan); a turning flow diagram that summarises the turning counts. This gives a graphical representation of these turning movements at the junctions (left, right, straight and so on) at hourly intervals.''This data has been collected for the last four years; it was originally set up the City Council cycle forum in 2007 to establish baseline cycle counts within the canals and measure changes in cycle usage within the city centre. It is also used to analyse pedestrian and vehicle flows in the city centre. These counts are carried out in addition to the canal cordon counts, which are carried out in November each year.''Locations on City Centre Cordon:'1. Wolfe Tone Quay / Frank Sherwin Bridge'2. Frank Sherwin Bridge / Victoria Quay'3. Ellis Quay / Watling St Bridge'4. Ushers Island / Watling St Bridge'5. Blackhall Place / Ellis Quay'6. James Joyce Bridge / Ushers Island'7. Queen Street / Arran Quay'8. Queen Street / Ushers Quay'9. Church Street / Inns Quay'10. Merchants Quay / Ushers Quay /Church St'11. Inns Quay / Ormond Qy Upr / Chancery Place'12. Wood Quay / Merchants Quay / Winetavern St'13. Ormond Quay / Capel St / Grattan Bridge'14. Wellington Quay / Essex Quay'15. OConnell St Lwr / Custom House Quay'16. DOlier St / Aston Quay / Burgh Quay'17. Butt Bridge / Beresford Pl / Custom Hse Quay'18. Butt Bridge / Burgh Qy / Georges Qy / Tara St'19. Memorial Rd / Custom Hse Qy / Georges Qy'20. Moss St / City Quay / Georges Quay'21. East Link Bridge / Nth Wall Qy / East Wall Rd'22. East Link Bridge'23. Cuffe Street / Cuffe Lane'24. Dame Street / Georges Street'25. Parnell Street / Dominick Street'26. Pearse Street / Westland Row

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