SCATS Detector Volume data Feb - April 2018 DCC

Published by: Dublin City Council
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SCATS Detector Volume data Feb - April 2018 on a per hour basis per detector per site. Columns are; End_Time (datatime, null) Region (nvarchar(64), not null) Site (smallint, not null) Detector (tiny, not null) Sum_Volume(smallint, not null) Avg_Volume(smallint, not null)

Data Resources (2)

Contains listing of SCATS Sites , Site ID and Coordinates Lat/Long

Data Resource Preview - SCATS Site Co-ordinates

Theme Transport
Date released 2018-04-30
Date updated 2021-10-21
Update frequency Irregular
Language English
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Geographic coverage Dublin City
OR: specify what period of time the dataset covers 2018/2/1 - 2018/5/31

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