Quaternary Geomorphology Mountain Glaciation Corries

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This dataset is a complete coverage of mapped and digitized Mountain Glaciation Corries landforms for Ireland.

This dataset forms part of the Quaternary geology of Ireland – Geomorphology Map which is a representation of Irish glacial geomorphological features at a scale of 1 to 50,000. The map shows categorised erratic carriage sources and sinks, subglacial lineations and striae, subglacial moraines, ice-marginal landforms and mountain glaciation corries and trimlines.

The Geomorphology dataset originally comprised individual feature layers that were subsequently merged from 25 single feature layers to 9 sub-groups, Mountain Glaciation Corries is one of these subgroups.Mountain Glaciation Corries: - This dataset contains a complete coverage for all mapped and digitised corries features for the island of Ireland. The map forms part of the GSI Quaternary Map series. Data recorded on the maps includes the locations of corries, corrie name, grade, length, width, circularity, minimum altitude, maximum altitude, height, aspect, plan closure, hypsometry, area and reference.The dataset have been compiled from a variety of sources, including academic papers, and the feature outlines were then drawn on OSi Colour Aerial Photography.

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