LocalAuthorityC19ReporterPIVOT View

This Feature Layer View includes the Community metrics for public view for the Local Authority Community Call Response Fora, data pivoted by Local Authority and date.

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Resource: CSV

URL: https://data-housinggovie.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/housinggovie::localauthorityc19reporterpivot-view.csv?outSR=%7B%22latestWkid%22%3A4326%2C%22wkid%22%3A4326%7D

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
OBJECTID numeric
localauthority text
F02_04_2020 numeric
F03_04_2020 numeric
F04_04_2020 numeric
F05_04_2020 numeric
F06_04_2020 numeric
F07_04_2020 numeric
F08_04_2020 numeric
F09_04_2020 numeric
F10_04_2020 numeric
F11_04_2020 numeric
F12_04_2020 numeric
F13_04_2020 numeric
F14_04_2020 numeric
F15_04_2020 numeric
F16_04_2020 numeric
F17_04_2020 numeric
F18_04_2020 numeric
F19_04_2020 numeric
F20_04_2020 numeric
F21_04_2020 numeric
F22_04_2020 numeric
F23_04_2020 numeric
F24_04_2020 numeric
F25_04_2020 numeric
F26_04_2020 numeric
F27_04_2020 numeric
F28_04_2020 numeric

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