Dublin Flood Data - What data is available and how do I access it?

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The guidance documents in this section have been put together to provide with you information on the different types of Flood Data that is available on the Smart Dublin Open Data portal and how to access it. Please read the guidelines carefully and if you have any issues, please contact the Smart Dublin team at: data@smartdublin.ie. The guidelines will provide you with information on the following: -What Flood Data is Available? - How do I access the flood data - getting set-up guidelines - Terms and Conditions for Flood Data Usage - Links to the Data Access Request Form - Flood Data Licensing Information

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Resource: What Flood Data is Available

URL: https://data.smartdublin.ie/dataset/e0e2dbc1-9a62-4a24-b666-6418b84bf0d1/resource/b9e4a8b3-2352-4f55-a3f7-4176992a014d/download/what-flood-data-is-available.pdf

Dublin City Council have been collecting and generating operational data relating to rainfall, river level, weather and general flooding. Due to an increase in the demand for this type of data, Dublin City Council have decided to make this data available through the Smart Dublin Open Data portal under a CC-BY-A-NC license. This means that the data can be used for non-commercial uses only. There are currently five datasets available on the platform provided by three different sources: - Dublin City Council Operational Data - Pervasive Nation (CONNECT / DCC) - Dunraven The data consists of both historical data and near real-time data (the latest data is provided up to the previous 24 hour period). More information on the datasets can be found in the attached pdf.

To request access to the datasets, please complete the form using the link below: https://forms.gle/3UKLSDcKX8EQSvLP9

You will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions for use of the Flood Data. Your request will be sent for approval and reviewed by Dublin City Council. More information on the next steps are provided in the “Getting Set-up Guidelines” .pdf resource.

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