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Published by: Dublin City Council
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Bicycle traffic volumes from cycle counters in Dublin city. Bike counter include one Totem counter (Grove Road) and Eco-Multi counters using Zelt Diamond loop in a number of other locations. Locations include: Drumcondra, Charleville Mall, North Strand Rd, Guild Street, Richmond Street and Grove Road. Passing cyclists are counted and logged every hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Data provided by Dublin City Council and the NTA.

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Resource: 2020_Cycle Counter Data_Dublin City


Dublin city bicycle traffic volumes. Jan-Dec_2020.

Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Date & Time timestamp
Charleville Mall numeric
Charleville Mall Cyclist IN numeric
Charleville Mall Cyclist OUT numeric
Grove Road Totem numeric
Grove Road Totem OUT numeric
Grove Road Totem IN numeric
Guild Street numeric
Guild Street bikes IN-Towards Quays numeric
Guild Street bikes OUT-Towards Drumcondra numeric
North Strand Rd N/B numeric
North Strand Rd S/B numeric

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