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Arna fhoilsiú ag: Dublin City Council
23 Cosúil
Téama: Transport
Tuairimí: 531
Rátáil oscailteachta:

Wayfinding Sample data from Walk Dublin wayfinding app. Two csv files show most viewed points of interest (POIs) with two columns Event Label and Total Events and several months of data for when users refreshed the Where Am I? screen. This file has one column, Event Label, which is turn delimited by a /. It takes the format of: /// e.g.:'2012-11-22/10:25:36/53.34118461816428/-6.260655008592408. The JSON file contains the POI dataset with attributes: name, address, geocode, description and phone number.

Data Resources (3)

Walk Dublin POI Details Sample Data_P20130415-1449.json
Walk Dublin Most Viewed POIs Data Sample_P20130415-1449.csv
Walk Dublin Where Am I Data Sample_P20130415-1512.csv

Data Resource Preview - Walk Dublin Most Viewed POIs Data Sample_P20130415-1449.csv

Téama Iompair
Dáta eisithe 2013-04-15
Dáta nuashonraithe 2021-10-21
Minicíocht Nuashonraithe Irregular
Teanga English
Lamairne https://data.smartdublin.ie/dataset/walk-dublin-wayfinding-data
Clúdach Geografach Dublin City
NÓ: Sonraigh an tréimhse ama a chlúdaíonn an tacar sonraí 2012-11-22 to 2013-02-28

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