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The Public Expenditure Databank provides access to a comprehensive set of data on voted public expenditure in Ireland. The figures reflected in the databank detail all current and capital spending by Government Departments and agencies, along with expenditure from the Social Insurance Fund and the National Training Fund. Non-voted spending directly from the Central Fund such as debt-servicing costs, the costs of the Houses of the Oireachtas, and the salaries of the judiciary are not included in the data. A more comprehensive presentation of voted and non-voted public-sector expenditure is set out in the annual Budgetary and Economic Statistics(see tables 1 to 3) publication from the Department of Finance and also in the Stability Programme Update (see in particular table 8). Data contained in this dataset covers the period 1994 to 2015. For the years 1994 to 2013, the data used are the actual expenditure outturns, as shown in the annual Appropriation Accounts. For 2014 the data used is the Provisional Outturn 2014 data update in January 2015. The 2015 figures are taken from the Revised Estimates for Public Services 2015 which was published in December 2014.

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