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The Stock Book is the annual review of Fish Stocks in any given year, the latest being 2016, with management advice for the subsequent year. The Stock Book covers fisheries and fishing activities in the greater North Atlantic Ocean, Celtic Sea, Irish Sea and Saint Georges Channel around Ireland. The Stock Book covers data collected between 2011 and 2016. Fisheries scientific advice data includes information collected from surveys and fisheries models. Its purpose has been to provide the latest impartial scientific advice on the commercially exploited fish stocks of interest to Ireland. The Stock Book 2016 was the principal annual publication of the Marine Institutes (Ireland) Fisheries Ecosystem Advisory Services (FEAS) section. The Stock Book was used by the Department of Agriculture, Marine and Food - (DAFM) at the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) negotiations with the EU in December 2016 and throughout the year at fisheries management meetings. Stock Book complete for year of publication in question.

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Eolas Dualfhoinse In the 2016 Stock Book, every effort has been made to use the most up to date version of the ICES and STECF advice. However, the final official ICES ACOM and STECF Reports should be consulted for the definitive advice. For more detailed information on specific stocks the relevant ICES Working Group Reports should be consulted. The official EU journal should be consulted for definitive TAC’s and Quotas for 2015.
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