Temporal land use patterns and livestock numbers (cattle) across several river catchments

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Temporal land use patterns and livestock numbers across several river catchcments. Within DAFM the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) division generated a list of herds who had land in each river catchment area for a select number of river catchments from 2014-2020. The departments Animal Identification & Movement (AIM) division provided the bovine and ovine figures for each herd in each year.

It should be noted that the AIM data was generated for herds who had land in each river catchment area. It is likely that some herds also had land outside the river catchment areas. In total AIM were supplied with 26,002 herds to report on across each location and year. 2,198 of these herds were not included in the final dataset because they either did not have cattle in the period, or did not have sheep census returns in the period (or both).

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Resource: Fisheries_Cattle

URL https://data.gov.ie/dataset/827b9a67-8a1c-481a-ab14-bf3ff70d645b/resource/3fa585ec-c404-452a-9c1b-410e8cd1dc00/download/fisheries_cattle.csv

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Data Dictionary

Column Cineál Label Description
YEAR numeric YEAR

To match the sheep census date, the number of cattle in each holding on 31-December. 2014 – 2020 included


AIM were supplied with rivers and herds from Inland Fisheries. The location is the river name.


Beef or Dairy. AIM define cattle as those that have a milk supply contract (dairy) and those that don't (non-dairy).


(M)ale, (F)emale (a female that has not calved), (C)ow (a female that has calved at least once before the profile date i.e. the date on which a snapshot was taken of all the animals located in each herd number)

CATTLE_AGE_0_6 numeric CATTLE_AGE_0_6

0 – 6 weeks : <= 42 days

CATTLE_AGE_6_6 numeric CATTLE_AGE_6_6

6 weeks – 6 months : >42 days <=6 months

CATTLE_AGE_6_12 numeric CATTLE_AGE_6_12

6 – 12 months : >6 <= 12 months

CATTLE_AGE_12_18 numeric CATTLE_AGE_12_18

12 – 18 months

CATTLE_AGE_18_24 numeric CATTLE_AGE_18_24

18 – 24 months

CATTLE_AGE_24_30 numeric CATTLE_AGE_24_30

24 – 30 months

CATTLE_AGE_30_36 numeric CATTLE_AGE_30_36

30 – 36 months


Over 36 months

Additional Information

Last updated December 3, 2021
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Description The data comes from Inland Fisheries, Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) database, Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS)
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